human rights

COE has a human rights page with links to many COE divisions, including the Committee for the Prevention of Torture, the Commission against Racism and Intolerance, and the...
In-depth legal research guides in foreign, comparative, and international law
Search for judgments, decisions, resolutions, and reports of the European Court of Human Rights, the European Commission of Human Rights, and the Committee of Ministers in...
A comprehensive list of law firms in the PRC searchable by city and area of specialty.
In collaboration with Google Earth, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has brought together compelling visual evidence of the destruction in Darfur
Minnesota's premier and comprehensive searchable collection of human rights documents and information, including treaties and links to organizations
Cases and reports of the Commission, headquartered in Washington DC, created in 1959 as an autonomous body of the OAS that provides recourse to individuals who have suffered...


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