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Available online and in pdf
Romero, Victor (2009) - L4
(2010-2011) Also available as an electronic resource
U.S. and World News: 1940-present
Title VI. Habeas corpus; proceedings in forma pauperis F.R.A.P. 22. Habeas corpus and section 2255 proceedings F.R.A.P. 23. Custody or release of a prisoner in a habeas...
Ed. by Ryan, Bernard and Valsamis Mitsilegas (2010). Ryan (law, U. of Kent, UK) and Mitsilegas (European Criminal Law, U. of London, UK) present a collection of 14 essays...
Refugee Studies Center, University of Oxford
Martin, David A. and Peter H. Schuck (2005) - L4, Faculty Collection, Permanent Reserve


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