International Law Resources

A compendium of laws and legislation of the Kingdom of Cambodia is available
This resource is maintained by the legal department of the Organization of American States. It provides access to the international private law instruments adopted at the...
COE has a human rights page with links to many COE divisions, including the Committee for the Prevention of Torture, the Commission against Racism and Intolerance, and the...
An organization that aims for economic and social development of the Commonwealth Caribbean
Complete scanned pdfs of the United Nation Treaty Series (UNTS); retrieve a UN Treaty by UNTS citation, search by treaty/registration number, country, short title, popular...
Harvard's research guide
In collaboration with Google Earth, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has brought together compelling visual evidence of the destruction in Darfur
Find court decisions, treaties, and other documents (in Spanish).
Minnesota's premier and comprehensive searchable collection of human rights documents and information, including treaties and links to organizations


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