key legislation

Pub. L. 107-208, 116 Stat. 927 (2002) - (pdf); featuring AILA's wealth of resources on CSPA, including 2008 agency memo, BIA and federal court decisions, and more;...
Take note of these: 46b-120 - Juvenile Matters: Definitions; 46b-129 - Committment of Child or Youth; 46b-129a - Examination by Physician, Appointment of Counsel and Guardian...
Juvenile Matters: Definitions
Commitment of Child or Youth
Examination by Physician and Appointment of Counsel & Guardian ad Litem
DCF: Definitions, Confidentiality of Records, Procedures for Aggrieved Persons; Regulations
Available through Lexis, Westlaw, and GPO
Available through Lexis, Westlaw, GPO, and LII
Available through Lexis, Westlaw, GPO, an d LII
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