Primary Sources

RIA - available with a Checkpoint subscription; Yale does not subscribe.
Tax Analysts - Lexis: WWPROC file (1950-current) - more than 150 tax treaties as amended by protocols, exchanges of notes, etc. (treaties in file and current form)..
Tax Analysts - Lexis: WWCASE; cases from over 50 countries interpreting treaty cases
Tax Analysts - Lexis: TAWTT (1828-current) - worldwide tax treaties and U.S. legislative histories; many English translations.
Tax Analysts - Lexis: WWFRCE (1910-current) - treaties that are currently in force organized by country and subject matter (i..e. coffee, sugar, etc).
United Nations (1995-current) - L1.
Washington , D.C.: United States Department of State (1950-1984)
Find constitutions from all over the world.
The Sunnah (the normative traditions of the Prophet Muhammad and his followers) andHadith (the form of Traditions written down; an account of what the Prophet said or did, or...


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