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A research guide for online resources related to Chinese studies at the Yale University Library Chinese Studies Librarian, Michael Meng.
Since 1784, when the American ship Empress of China arrived in Guangzhou, Chinese-American relations have experienced advances and setbacks. As the Chinese economy rapidly...
Prepared by Susan V. Lawrence and Michael F. Martin, Specialist in Asian Affairs, CRS. March 20, 2013.
Portal of CRS reports; can filter reports by date and region.
Author: Susan V. Lawrence (Congressional Research Service, Specialist in Asian Affairs) November 12, 2013
Hartstone, Eliot C. and Dorinda M. Richetelli (1995) - submitted to the State of Connecticut, Office of Policy and Management, Policy Development, and Planning Division - UES
Armata, Barry F. (et al) (1988) - Reading Room


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