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Lectures on law delivered in Litchfield / by Josias H. Coggeshall (1809-10).
The study of early American legal education takes a step forward with the launch of the Litchfield Law School Sources website, as part of the Lillian Goldman Law Library...
full-text searching; not much non-English material
The Rare Book Collection is excited to announce that it now has its own section in the Lillian Goldman Law Library’s eYLS Repository. Titled Yale Law Special...
(American Indian Law Collection)
Bruce E. Johansen, Encyclopedia of Native American Legal Tradition (Greenwood Press, 1998).
Gary A. Sokolow, Native Americans and the law: a dictionary (ABC-CLIO, 2000).
April Schwartz & Mary Jo Hunter, United States Tribal Court Directory (William S. Hein & Co., Inc. 4th ed. 2011).
One of my most pleasurable duties as a rare book librarian is reading the catalogues sent by rare book dealers. Each book’s listing is typcally accompanied by a...
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