Secondary Resources

Germain, Claire (1991-) - L3 Reference, L1 F/I Reference, UES. There is a section on international and foreign taxation in Chapter IV.
Harvard's lists of links to foreign law online sources including legislation and legislative bodies
A comprehensive list (more than 35,000) of abbreviationsused in legal encyclopedias, law dictionaries, lawreporters, loose-leaf services, law reviews, legaltreatises, legal...
An excellent source that offers a wealth of information on comparative law. F&I Reference.
This Nutshell provides a basic introduction to international legal research for the non-specialist. It offers guidance through the unfamiliar pathways of research using...
Some 400 entries cover countries (even those as small as San Marino), US states, law systems, judicial bodies and organizations, and concepts such as alternative dispute...
In-depth legal research guides that cover different aspects of foreign and comparative law.


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