Treaty Research

On the Convention Respecting the Rights and Duties of Neutral Powers and Persons in case of War on Land
Tax Analysts - Lexis: WWLEG (1932-current)
United Nations (2001) - UES; STA/ESA/PAD/SER.E/21 (pdf, 2001).
U.S. Gov't Printing Office (1931-1948) - L1
On the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Tax Analysts - Lexis: TAWTT (1828-current) - worldwide tax treaties and U.S. legislative histories; many English translations.
Tax Analysts - Lexis: WWFRCE (1910-current) - treaties that are currently in force organized by country and subject matter (i..e. coffee, sugar, etc).
Case-Zablocki Act on the transmittal to Congress of internatioanl agreements other than "advice and consent treaties."
United Nations (1995-current) - L1.


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