Edited by C. Bevans. Washington , D.C. : U.S. Gov’t Printing Office, 1968-1976. Vols. 1-13 (1776-1949)
Option of either easy-to-use, stand alone Excel tables or advanced data files, allowing users to assess a local housing market by census various areas
Stuck for a term in an EU language? Need background information on the EU and its member countries?Here's our pick of links you may find useful (for every EU language) (...
This book gives the author's analysis of the leading Supreme Court criminal procedure cases from the last seven years. It is drawn from his bi-monthly column from Trial...
Zagreb: Croatian Chamber of Commerce Permanent Arbitration Court
Connecticut Education Statutes: Also use Westlaw, Westlaw Next, and Lexis to locate statutes.
World Academy Press, 2002-present - UES
Includes several chapters on Sharia or religious law; bibliography at end of each section (Yale access only).


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