Archival Collections: including Organizations’ Records and Individuals’ Papers

Archival Collections:

o   Archives of the American Friends Service Committee with a link to its contact page. The Archives holds records of the parent organization, including records of the AFSC ‘s effort to stop the Internment of Japanese Americans during World War II and to maintain rich human contact with those already interned. Records also include correspondence concerning legal representation of internees, as well as daily work records of Clarence Pickett; Gordon Hirabayashi; Floyd Schmoe; and Mary Farquharson, and other leaders of this pacifist project:

o   Boston University School of Theology, with a link to BU’s Thurman webpages, as appropriate:

o   Papers of Howard Washington Thurman/ Howard Thurman Papers Project

o   Published papers: Volume 1 (2009): My People Need Me, June 1918–March 1936.

o   Published papers: Volume II (2012) Christian, Who Calls Me Christian? April 1936–August 1943.

o   Papers of Sue Bailey Thurman

o   Duke University Libraries

Papers of J. Holmes Smith

o   King Library and Archive, Atlanta Georgia

o                   Papers of Fred L. Shuttlesworth.

o          .

o   [U.S.]Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, with links to L of C’s Finding Aids:

o   Records  of the Brotherhood of Sleepingcar Porters (1920-1968):

o   Papers of A. Philip Randolph

o   Papers of Bayard Rustin (1912-1987)

·         New York Public Library

o    Papers of Norman Thomas (1884-1968):[sic] with a link to NYPL’s Finding Aid. See also New York University [below on this list].

o   .

·         New York University Tamiment Library and Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives

o   Papers of Norman Thomas (1884-1968)[sic] with a link to NYU’s Finding Aid.[see also New York Public Library above on this list]


o   Princeton University, with links to Princeton’s  Finding Aids:

o   Records of the American Civil Liberties Union /ACLU/ (1917-1947 and 1947-1995) Hardcopy and microform.

o   Papers of Roger Nash Baldwin (1885-1996)

o   Schlesinger Library on the History of the American Woman, Harvard University, with links to Schlesinger’s Finding Aids:

o   Papers of Barbara Deming (1917-1984)

o   Papers of Crystal Eastman (1881-1928):

o   Papers of Pauli Murray (1910-1985), include family papers since 1827:

o   Swarthmore College Peace Collection, with links to Swarthmore’s Finding Aids or to the “Tripod” cataloguing record created by Bryn Mawr College/ all items are actually housed at Swarthmore College or retrievable on request by Swarthmore College Peace Collection from  its own storage facilities:

o   Records of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) (1942-1972):

o   Records of the Fellowship of Reconciliation (1915-ongoing):

o   Records of the War Resisters League (1923-1994):

o   Records of the Center on Conscience and War (1940-ongoing)/ [formerly NSBRO & NISBCO]:

o   Records Concerning the Harlem Ashram. Contact Swarthmore College Peace Collection for details:

o   Papers of Jane Addams (1860-1935):

o   Papers of George Houser (1916-2015). Contact Swarthmore College Peace Collection for details:

For records of Houser’s Africa work, please consult:

and also:

o   Papers of Jessie Wallace Hughan (1875-1955):

o    Papers of Muriel Lester: [Note: additional papers of Lester are housed at Bishopsgate Institute, England]:].

o   Papers of David Mc Reynolds:

o   Papers of A.J. Muste:

o   Papers of John Nevin Sayre: Swarthmore College Peace Collection, DG 117, John Nevin Sayre Papers:

o   Tennessee State Library and Archives, with a link to that Library’s s Finding Aid:

o   Records of the Highlander Folk School Manuscript Collection (1932-1966):

o   University of California at Los Angeles Special Collections

o   Papers of Jack and Aiko Herzig:

o   University of Pennsylvania Rare Books and Manuscripts, Kislak Center for Special Collections, with a link to Penn’s Finding Aid:

o   Papers of Richard [Bartlett] Gregg (1885-1974)           

o   University of Texas, Briscoe Center for American History

o   Papers of James J. Farmer, Jr.

o   University of Washington Libraries, with a link to U of W’s Finding Aid

o   Papers of Mary Farquharson (1901-1982): Note cross references to her personal papers and the records of the ACLU.

o   Papers of Gordon K. Hirabayashi:

o   Papers of Floyd Wilfred Schmoe:

NOTE: Not yet deposited in any archival collection are the complete papers of several important pacifist leaders of the American Civil Rights Movement. These pacifists include: Ralph Abernathy, Diane Nash, James Lawson, John Lewis, Grace Paley and Clarence Pickett. 

The Papers Project of the Estate of The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., is housed at Stanford University:

The records of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) are housed at Emory University:  [Pacifist Bayard Rustin envisioned the SCLC: drew up its original working papers and recommended Ella Baker for its Assistant Directorship. See Rustin’s Papers at the Library of Congress (above)].

A number of Civil Rights activists provided occasional/vital support to the activities of Pacifists, although they were not Pacifists, themselves. These leaders included: Madame C.J. Walker; her daughter A’Lelia Walker; Ida B. Wells: Lilian Wald; W.E.B. Du Bois; Walter White; Roy Wilkins; and Daisy Bates, to name only a few examples. Search for their papers by using Google; WORLDCAT; or ArchiveGrid.

Records of the NAACP are housed at the Library of Congress, where they are the collection most used by the Library’s researchers.  Yale University Library,Yale Law Library and numerous other libraries offer access to a ProQuest edition of the NAACP’s records.