Australia and New Zealand

For Australia, we no longer collect session laws, but the Statutory Rules are kept current.  We subscribe to some court reports such as the Commonwealth Law Reports and Australian Law Reports.  Some topical court reports are available online and not collected in print.  Two digests are collected: Australian Digest and Australian Legal Monthly Digest, as is the encyclopedia Laws of Australia. State primary sources are spotty in print, but there is a fabulous Internet source for Australian legislation and court reports, Australasian Legal Information Institute AustLII . We collect significant Australian law reviews and journals, both academic and commercially published.  The Library purchases legal treatises relevant to the research interests of our faculty and students. Many of our looseleaf subscriptions have been cancelled. The collection of New Zealand statutes and statutory regulations is current, as are the New Zealand Law Reports.  Treatises from New Zealand are  collected in the standard collection foci: legal history, constitutional law, human rights, and environmental law.