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CISG and International Commercial Law Database
The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) is the uniform international sales law of countries that account for two-thirds of all world trade. As a service to the world trade community, the Pace University School of Law offers an annotated electronic library on the CISG on the World-Wide Web.
HeinOnline United Nations Law Collection
Complete scanned pdfs of the United Nation Treaty Series (UNTS); retrieve a UN Treaty by UNTS citation, search by treaty/registration number, country, short title, popular name, subject; links to law review articles that cite a UN Treaty; finding aids, quick reference guide, wiki, and video tutorial; also find international arbitral awards, law of the sea documents, and more.*
ICCA -- International Council for Commercial Arbitration
ICCA is a worldwide non-government organization dedicated to promoting and developing arbitration, conciliation, and other forms of international dispute resolution.
International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID)
This World Bank website offers resources for conciliation and arbitration of international investment disputes, including copies of awards and decisions. Cases are also available in print - UES.
International Handbook on Commercial Arbitration
"This invaluable set provides you with quick & up-to-date references to the laws & regulations of other countries. Tax law, labour law, sales, contracts, & business procedures in general are examined. Regulations which govern the import of foreign goods of sale & foreign raw materials for local production and/or assembly are discussed. Specific reference, country by country, is also made to the expatriation of profits. The laws of each country are also examined for incentive & subsidy investment programs. Individual authors have been selected for each country."
International Legal Materials
Search ASIL's compilation of international laws, treaties, decisions, and declarations on Westlaw (database: ILM), Lexis (file-name: ILM), and HeinOnline. American Society of International Law, Washington, DC, 1962-Present.
Investor State Law Guide
Iran-United States Claims Tribunal
The Iran-United States Claims Tribunal came into existence as one of the measures taken to resolve the crisis in relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the United States of America arising out of the detention of 52 United States nationals at the United States Embassy in Tehran which commenced in November 1979, and the subsequent freeze of Iranian assets by the United States of America.The Government of the Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria served as intermediary in the search for a mutually acceptable solution. Having consulted extensively with the two Governments as to the commitments which each was willing to undertake in order to resolve the crisis, the Government of Algeria recorded those commitments in two Declarations made on 19 January 1981. The "General Declaration" and the "Claims Settlement Declaration" or the "Algiers Declarations," as they are often called, were then adhered to by Iran and the United States.
National Arbitration Laws
Ed. by H. Smit, V. Pechota.
News from ICSID / International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes
Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) at the Hague
IGO established in 1899; find past and pending cases and other documents; court hears and decides territorial, treaty, and human rights disputes between states, as well as commercial and investment disputes.Cases: The PCA only identifies the parties and publishes awards or other information where the parties have so agreed. No information beyond what is set forth on this website will be provided by the PCA.The PCA includes the following: Conventions and Treaties, PCA Rules, UNCITRAL Rules, Annual Reports
Reports of International Arbitral Awards (RIAA)
This United Nations publication is a collection of mediation and conciliation agreements and arbitral awards published in English and/or French; searchable full-text
University of Victoria -- Investment Treaty Arbitration
Provides access to all publicly available investment treaty awards; information and resources relating to investment treaties and investment treaty arbitration; and links to further resources.
Comprehensive source of WTO dispute settlements including index, database of dispute settlement tables and statistics, and summary and analysis of all reports and arbitrations.*