Basic Foreign Law Research

(including national and regional databases and research guides)

Begin with the Guide to Foreign and Comparative Research at Yale for an overview of how to approach foreign legal research.  From there, consult our Foreign, International and Transnational Law Resources page for an annotated list of resources available on the web, from research guides to full-text databases, both subscription and open-access.

For U.N. research consult this guide and for U.S. treaty research see here.

For country-specific research, we suggest the Country-by-Country Guide to Foreign Law Research. The Country- by-Country guide connects you to primary authority, databases, and research guides for each country.

See also:
WorldLII - list of links to primary law available on the web
GlobaLex- research guides for many foreign countries and international topics
World Law Guide- links to country legislation and case law
American Society of International Law’s EISIL