A bibliography of Islamic law, 1980-1993 / by Laila Al-Zwaini and Rudolph Peters.
This bibliography includes some 1,600 Western-language publications which have appeared between 1980 and 1993. It contains a general and a regional section. With regard to the latter, the main focus is on the Middle East (including Afghanistan and North Africa), although publications in South and Southeast Asia have also been included.
Library of Congress: Islamic Law:Bibliographies
These bibliographies cover English-language books and articles within books that discuss Islamic law. The titles are held in the Library of Congress. They include: Islamic Law Bibliography: 2003-2008 and Islamic Law Bibliography: 2009-2014
UKCLE Islamic Law Bibliography - Archived version
A useful bibliography comprising treatises, journal articles and book chapters on a range of Islamic Law issues prepared as part of the curriculum for a class module of UK Centre of Legal Education (UKCLE). The UKCLE closed in 2011 and the bibliography is an archived version current to 2011.
Women In Islamic Societies: A Selected Review Of Social Scientific Literature
A review of the literature prepared by the Federal Research Division, Library of Congress.