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August 28, 2019
Call for Nominations for the Connecticut Supreme Court Historical Society’s Collier Prize
Beginning in Spring 2020, the Connecticut Supreme Court Historical Society will institute an
annual Christopher Collier Prize with a $1,000 award to historians, legal scholars, political
scientists or others who have contributed an important work or works to advance the study
of American legal and constitutional history that has Connecticut connections. The prize is
named in honor of former Connecticut State Historian, University of Connecticut history
professor, Connecticut Supreme Court Historical Society vice president and author
Christopher Collier, whose research, writing and editing over a long career broadened
knowledge of the founding of American constitutional government, Connecticut’s role in the
creation of the U.S. constitutional system, and the development of Connecticut’s own
constitutional and legal order. The prize will recognize and encourage scholars whose
publications, teaching and/or public exhibits have furthered American and Connecticut legal
and constitutional history in Professor Collier’s prolific and innovative spirit. The society will
consider any academic or independent historians, political scientists, law professors,
judges, lawyers, students and others whose work (including work in progress) may be
worthy of this prize.
For the 2020 award, the society invites nominations to be submitted to the society’s Collier
Prize Committee by December 1, 2019. Nominations, which should be no more than
1,000 words, should identify the nominee’s current employment (if applicable) or
background, describe the work that he or she is presently working on and/or has recently
contributed to the study of American legal-constitutional history and its Connecticut
connections, and briefly explain why the nominee deserves the prize. Self-nominations are
permitted and should include curriculum vitae or a resume covering the self-nominee’s
work. The Collier Prize Committee may, in its discretion, request additional information as
part of its evaluation process. The society will award the prize and its $1,000 stipend at its
spring 2020 annual meeting, which the society expects that the recipient will attend.
The Collier Prize Committee prefers that nominations be submitted electronically to the
Collier Prize Committee c/o Attorney Jeffrey J. White, jwhite@rc.com, Robinson &
Cole LLP, 280 Trumbull Street, Hartford Connecticut 06103 no later than December 1,
2019. Nominations will be accepted by mail if electronic transmittal is not practical.
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