Book collection

The book collection of the Kuttner Institute’s library is an extensive gathering of materials on medieval canon law and related topics from the late 19th century to the present, with approximately 2,000 books. It is an excellent reference collection for any scholar consulting the manuscript reproductions or researching canon law, containing subject dictionaries, critical editions, Institute publications, and secondary scholarship.

To find books in the collection, simply perform a title, author, or subject search as you normally would in the library catalog. To see only those books held in the Institute collection, perform an advanced search with “Kuttner collection” as the keyword/any field, along with the title, author, or subject heading. You can also browse the collection through this record.

The collection is located on the Upper East Side, right next to the fish tank and near the manuscript reproductions. It uses a unique call number scheme, with the letters progressing alphabetically and the numerals counting up sequentially (thus: Ab 20, Ab 21, Ac 1, Ac 2). A guide to the call number scheme can be found here. While the books are available in open stacks and can be accessed whenever the Law Library is open, they must be used in the library.

Three subsets of books from the collection, the Miscellanea, Oversize, and Rare materials, are held in locked stacks and must be used in the Rare Book Room. Please contact the Rare Book Librarian for further information or to make arrangements to use the materials. The Miscellanea and Rare materials can be browsed virtually here.