The Law Library collects Canadian legal materials less extensively than it does British materials, but still strives to have an adequate collection.  The Library also subscribes to the Quicklaw database, and Canadian law has a significant Web presence.  We rely on online sources for the Statutes and Statutory Instruments.  We collect Dominion Law Reports and Canada Supreme Court Reports in print, and hold a few topical reporters such as Canadian Human Rights Reporter and Canada Tax Cases.   The Library has historical runs of provincial statutes, codes, and court reports, but no current subscriptions.  For the Canada Treaty Series we rely on the Canadian depository copy at the University’s Government Documents Center. For Canadian monographs, special attention has been given to the treatment of constitutional issues, but significant books are purchased on a wide range of topics.  Ontario is the only province for which monographs, albeit relatively few, are collected. Expensive looseleaf sets are rarely acquired.  We collect the significant Canadian law reviews and journals, but not the practice-oriented ones.   Government documents are rarely collected.