Chinese Journals

Select Journals and Journal Portals:

The China Journal

Contemporary China Centre, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University - 1995-present (UES)

Morris Call Number: DS701 .A93

The China Quarterly

University of London, 1961-present - UES, L1. Also available online.

Morris Call Number: DS701 .C472

The China Quarterly (Online)

Chinese Journal of Comparative Law (Online)

Chinese Journal of Comparative Law (Online)

Chinese Journal of International Law

World Academy Press, 2002-present - UES

Morris Call Number: K3. H636Online

China Law and Practice

The online newsletter has new business law an regulations updates and law archive. In English. The library has print subscription 1989-2012 (UES). The library no longer has an active subscription to the resource but selective contents are available in Westlaw.

Morris Call Number: K3 .H57

China Law Reporter

China Committee, under Section of International Law of the American Bar Association - 1980-1991/93 at LSF, 1980-1999 online. As of June 2018, publication resumed (Volume 7 Issue 1).

Morris Call Number: K3 .H6China Law Reporter (ABA International Law Section. China Committee)(link is external)

HeinOnline(link is external)

China Review

Chinese University Press, 2001-present - UES.

Morris Call Number: DS701 .C486

China Rights Forum

Human Rights in China, Inc. (1996-present) - UES.

Morris Call Number: JC599.C6 C47

Online(link is external)

Columbia Journal of Asian Law

Columbia University Law School, 1996-present (UES). Also available in electronic form at EBSCO, WilsonWeb, HeinOnline, and Westlaw.

Morris Call Number: K3 .O4 ; Online

Fa Xue (法学)

2002-present - UES

Morris Call Number: K6 .A2183

Frontiers of law in China : Selected publications from Chinese universities.

Morris Call Number: KNQ68 .F76Online

Journal of Contemporary China


Law Yearbook of China 中国法律年鉴

1989-1998 - LES. Also available online in ChinaLawInfo/LawInfoChina.

Morris Call Number: KNQ440 .A13 C48

Law Yearbook of China

Peking University Transnational Law Review

Peking University Transnational Law Review (Online)

Tsinghua China law review

Tsinghua China law review (Online)


China National Social Sciences Database

A government-sponsored database of journals and dissertations published and/or funded by the PRC Government.

China National Social Sciences Database(link is external)

PKUlaw (ChinaLawInfo/InfoLawChina (北大法宝)

Also known as ChinaLawInfo (Chinese platform) and InfoLawChina (English platform). A comprehensive bilingual database for searching PRC laws and regulations (since 1949), cases, journal articles, and gazettes.

PKUlaw (ChinaLawInfo/InfoLawChina

Duxiu (读秀)

Duxiu 读秀, also known as Chinese Google Scholar, is a huge content-based database consisting of 800,000,000 full text pages, with very flexible searches (full-text, books, journal and newspaper articles, theses, conference proceedings, etc.). Particularly, it provides information about and, in many cases, full-text searching and/or limited previews (up to about 20 pages) of 2,600,000 Chinese books. You can then use the “图书馆文献传递” function to email to yourself 50 pages or 1/5th of the book (whichever is less) at a time. Duxiu is a useful reference tool for discovering bibliographic information; locating particular search terms within a text; and for getting a preview of a text. Results vary by the text. IE recommended.

Duxiu(link is external)

East View Chinese Academic Journals (CAJ) 中国期刊全文数据

Subscription covers usage of the full text Chinese Academic Journals Database (1994- ), Century Journals Project (1955-1993), China Master/Doctoral full-text Database (2000- ) and the Chinese Core Newspapers full-text Database (2000-). Offers easy cross-database searching. Bilingual search platform, bibliographic citations and abstracts but full-text contents in Chinese only.

East View Chinese Academic Journals (CAJ) 中国期刊全文数据库(link is external)

Wan Fang China Online Journals - COJ (万方数字化期刊 

Selective coverage of minor Chinese legal journals.

Wan Fang Chinese Online Journals (COJ)

SSRN Asian Law eJournal

Online. (Link is external) Portal for scholarly working papers.

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