Commercial Databases

Bloomberg Law
Select Tax Practice Center and <International> Tab. Includes mostly practice-oriented materials: foreign income and transfer pricing portfolios (within the Tax Management Portfolio Series), Global Tax Guide, some foreign and international tax journals (International Review, European Tax Service, etc.), and Tax on Inbound Investment & Tax Controversy (within the Getting the Deal Through series)
BNA Online
We subscribe to the "BNA-ALL" plan, which provides us with access to most all of BNA's online publications.
CCH Intelliconnect - International Taxation
IBFD Tax News Service
Yale does not subscribe. Access 5,000+ tax and social security treaty documents including protocols, supplementary agreements, and exchanges of notes to these treaties; daily feed of tax treaty news.
IBFD Tax Treaty Case Law
Yale does not subscribe. This database provides a global overview of court decisions on the interpretation and application of treaties for the avoidance of double taxation.
Lexis and Westlaw - International Tax Materials
Lexis and Westlaw offer a comprehensive selection of primary and secondary international tax materials and some foreign tax materials. To access the foreign and international materials in both databases, selection your "TAX" tab, then select the "International" link. Westlaw and Lexis passwords are available to the Yale Law School community only.

Treatises on International taxation in Westlaw include:

  • Analysis of United States Income Tax Treaties
  • Andersen: Foreign Tax Credits
  • Conlon & Aquilino: Principles of Financial Derivatives: U.S. & International Taxation
  • Dolan, Jackman, Dabrowski & Tretiak: U.S. Taxation of International Mergers, Acquisitions & Joint Ventures
  • Hammer, Lowell, Burge, & Levey: International Transfer Pricing: OECD Guidelines
  • International Accounting, Financial Reporting, and Analysis
  • Kuntz & Peroni: U.S. International Taxation
  • Levey: U.S. Taxation of Foreign Controlled Businesses
  • Lowell, Burge, & Briger: U.S. International Transfer Pricing

Treatises in Lexis Advance:

  • Foreign Tax & Trade Briefs-International Withholding Tax Treaty Guide
  • International Business Planning: Law and Taxation
  • Rhoades & Langer U.S. International Taxation & Tax Treaties
RIA Checkpoint
Comprehensive databases of regional tax information from around the world. Checkpoint provides U.S. tax laws and analysis, along with both translated and primary source tax laws from major countries and authoritative commentary and guidance from leading international tax information providers such as IBFD and WTE.