Committee Reports

There are three general types of reports: a) House and Senate Reports (deal with proposed legislation and issues under investigation); b) Senate Executive Reports (treaties and nominations); and c) conference committee reports (differences on legislation between the House and Senate have been committed to conference committees to work out a settlement).  For legislative history research, a committee report is an essential document because it explains the text of the bill and reasons behind the legislation.

American State Papers (L5 law library  and Online): 1789 – 1816

ProQuest Congressional: 1817 – date.  See also United States Serial Set (online and at MUDD Library)

LoC American Memory web site: 1823 – 1873

Proquest Legislative Insight: 1929 - forward (in progress) for legislation that became law.

USCCAN (Print and Westlaw):  1941 - date, selective coverage

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