Compact Shelving Guide

The shelving system, used in all the stacks in the lower portions of the library, is called compact shelving because a minimum of floor space is used to house a great number of books. The stacks move left and right on a track installed in the floor. The large cranks at the end of each range can be turned either clockwise or counter-clockwise to allow access to the books in a given range. It is not necessary to move one range at a time. A group of ranges can be moved in tandem, and will glide easily on the track.

To move the shelving, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the nearest range that is open.
  2. Look to see if anyone is in the open range. If no one is in the range, push the red locking mechanism to the ‘in’ position.
  3. Go back to the range you want to enter.
  4. Turn the crank in the direction of the open range that you just unlocked. Crank until the space between ranges is wide enough to allow you to enter.
  5. Before entering the range, be certain that the red locking mechanisms on both sides of the aisle you are entering are in the ‘out’ position. If not, simply pull the locking mechanism out.

Remember, the locking mechanism must be in the ‘out’ position to keep the shelves from being closed by someone else while you are inside!