Computer Resources & Services

A variety of computing facilities are available in the Law Library. Workstations in the main Reading Room and on all stack levels, available to all library users, permit searching library catalogs and access to the Web for research. The computer lab and classroom just inside the lower entrance to the library (L2), limited by individual log-in to law students, offer word processing and e-mail access in addition to Web and library catalog searching. The computer classroom is available for law student use when not scheduled for instruction.

Electrical and network connections for laptop computers are available throughout the main Reading Room and in carrels in the stack levels (L4 and L5). A limited number of laptops are available for loan to law students at the Circulation Desk on a first-come first-served basis for short-term use (two hours); two laptops may be borrowed for up to five days. Laptops must be returned 30 minutes before the Circulation Desk closes.

Home-access PPP software, enabling dial-up access to e-mail and the Web, is available to law students for overnight loan from the Circulation Desk.

The computer services department occupies a suite of offices behind the computer classroom on L2. This department establishes e-mail and dial-up accounts for each law student. The staff is also available to assist students with questions concerning computer hardware and software.