Congressional Debates

Floor debates are generally located within the Congressional Record.  There are two versions of the Congressional Record — a daily edition and a permanent edition. The pagination is not the same and there is no cross-reference table. Each version contains the proceedings of Congress, separated by chamber. The daily edition has four sections: Senate, House, Extension of Remarks and Daily Digest.  Following each session of Congress, the daily Congressional Record can be revised by members of Congress, and then it is printed and permanently bound.  The permanent edition lacks the daily digests, but includes an index.

Predecessors to the Congressional Record are the  Annals of Congress  (1789 - 1824),  Register of debates (1824 - 1837), and the Congressional Globe (1833 – 1873). These are all available in the Library of Congress’ web collection,A Century of LawmakingProquest Congressional and in HeinOnline.

Fiche (Perm Ed., UES law library) and HeinOnline: 1873 – date

Proquest Congressional (Perm Ed.): 1873 – 1997

Proquest Legislative Insight: 1929 - forward (in progress) for legislation that became law.

Thomas (Cong. Rec. Daily Ed.): 1989 - date

Westlaw & Lexis (Daily Ed.): 1985 – date

U.S. Government Printing Office (Perm & Daily Ed.): 1994 – date