Court Records Tutorials

How to search PACER
PACER is the official case location system for the federal government, but searches are somewhat limited (not full text).  This tutorial will show you how to find the records of a particular court, including how to find cases by name, date, and docket number.  Included is a demo of the PACER case locator, which allows you to search multiple courts at the same time, and a demonstration of how to retrieve statistical reports on the activities of a particular court.

  • Most of the material that is available on PACER is available in the docket databases on Bloomberg Law and Westlaw. Those databases should be your first docket research stop.
  • PACER charges $0.10 per page VIEWED. The law libary MAY reimburse you for PACER charges that you incur, however, to be eligible for reimursement, you must meet with John Nann or Julie Krishnaswami before you incur the charges.

How to Get Briefs in Westlaw Next
Learn how to easily find briefs related to a docket, case, or topic.

How to Get Briefs in Lexis Advance
Learn how to easily find briefs related to a specific case and how to find briefs on a particular topic.

PACER tutorials from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts
Lasting only a few minutes each, the tutorials are a quick and fun way to learn something new about PACER or to brush up on your existing PACER skills.

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