Current Awareness Services

Although routing of print journals remains an available service to faculty, there are many useful alternatives for keeping up with current scholarship in your area of interest. A few of these options to either supplement or replace your print routing are listed below, but please don’t hesitate to contact either Mike VanderHeijden or your library liaison for assistance.


SmartCILP is an automated personalized e-mail delivery service of the Current Index to Legal Periodicals. Choose from 600 law journal titles to have select tables of contents sent electronically to you. Or choose from 100 subject categories to receive the tables of contents of all journals in a given legal field. Each week, users receive an email message focusing on the subject headings and journals they’ve selected, and linking to electronic versions of the articles.

New Content Alerts - Directly from Publishers

Most major publishers of non-legal journals also offer an email or RSS service notifying subscribers when new issues are published and linking to the full text of articles. Please contact Mike VanderHeijden for assistance configuring these.


YLS Faculty may sign up to receive working paper “eJournals” linking faculty to new scholarship in a given subject or discipline. Please contact Mike VanderHeijden for details.  

Westlaw, Lexis, and Bloomberg Law Alerts

Alerts in Westlaw, Lexis and Bloomberg Law allow for more nuanced monitoring of a given issue, news story, case, legislation, etc. These are generally user-created searches, timed to run as frequently as necessary. Please contactMike VanderHeijden or your liaison for more information.

Bloomberg BNA

Sign up for email alerts of new content for many of over 100 BNA newsletters, including United States Law WeekCriminal Law Reporter, and Daily Environment Report. From the homepage of the title you’re interested in, scroll down and click on “Sign Up For Email” in the bottom right-hand column.