Deliver on Demand

The Library is delighted to announce a new service for the Law School community: Deliver on Demand.

This service has been developed as a natural extension of our borrowing and interlibrary loan services, and promises to mail books to your home (or wherever you need them), when you can’t make it into the library to pick up material in person.

The details:

  • To request a book directly from our Morris catalog, click on the button: MAIL IT TO ME. To make a request from our Encore catalog, click on MORE RESOURCES, then click on MAIL IT TO ME.
  • You can also simply email the details (including, of course, the delivery address): If you need a book from the Yale University Library Orbis catalog, you will need to take this approach, as they have no request button;
  • We will mail up to 5 books per year to you anywhere within the USA or Canada;
  • This service is available to students who are resident in, or will be returning to, New Haven (e.g. if you are working elsewhere for the summer, but will be returning to continue studies in September);
  • Books will be checked out to you for the period until you return to New Haven;
  • Whilst we will do our best to avoid recalling your books, please remember that all books are subject to recall.
  • If a book is non-circulating, rare, or expensive book, we may have to deny the request, but we’ll do our best to avoid doing so!

We are genuinely excited to offer this ground-breaking service to our readers.  Please do remember that other alternatives may also exist to help you get hold of material you may need remotely, such as Scan on Demand and Interlibrary Loan.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any suggestions or feedback.

Updated Date: 
Tuesday, July 9, 2013
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