East Asia

The Law Library comprehensively collects treatises on Chinese, Japanese, and Korean law published in English.  Subject emphasis is placed on constitutional law and rule of law, legal history, administrative law, judicial reform and the legal profession, criminal law and procedure, civil law and procedure, and human rights.  Antitrust and competition law, environmental law, commercial law, laws relating to corporations, taxation, insurance, and securities are selectively collected. For China and related jurisdictions, we collect print materials published in the vernacular based on collection guidelines provided by the China Law Center.  Emphasis is placed on materials relating to the laws of the People’s Republic of China; treatises relating to laws of Taiwan and the Special Administration Regions of Hong Kong and Macau are selectively collected.  To facilitate remote access to research resources from the offsite facility of the China Law Center, electronic formats are favored.  Print primary sources and serial publications are selectively acquired.  We collaborate with the East Asian Library in developing print historical materials, selected primary sources, and electronic resources. For Japan and the Koreas, we collect treatises on Japanese and Korean laws published in English.  Seminal treatises on Japanese law published in the vernacular and in the subject areas stated above are selectively collected.  Some Japanese and Korean journals and primary sources are received through gifts and exchanges.