Foreign & Comparative Guides

Bibliography on foreign and comparative law : books and articles in English
Compiled and annotated by Charles Szladits.
Elgar Encyclopedia of Comparative Law
This encyclopedia on comparative law is intended by editor Smits (European private law, Maastricht U., the Netherlands) to be a reference work that will allow a general readership to take stock of the field in its current state. Thirty-seven entries explore specific areas of the law, including criminal law, administrative law, insolvency law, et cetera. Twelve are dedicated to analysis of methodological questions in comparative law, such as the aims of comparative law, the idea of a European Civil Code, and legal transplants. Relatively substantial entries examine common law and the legal systems of the US, Germany, Japan, Scotland, and Russia, so chosen because of their importance in recent comparative law debates.
Encyclopedia of World Constitutions
This three-volume encyclopedia, put together by Robbers (law, Institute for European Constitutional Law, U. of Trier, Germany), is essentially a comparative introduction to the political constitutions of the world's countries, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.
Germains transnational law research : a guide for attorneys
Germain, Claire (1991-) - L3 Reference, L1 F/I Reference, UES. There is a section on international and foreign taxation in Chapter IV.
International Encyclopedia of Comparative Law
An excellent source that offers a wealth of information on comparative law. F&I Reference.
Legal Systems of the World : a Political, Social, and Cultural Encyclopedia
Some 400 entries cover countries (even those as small as San Marino), US states, law systems, judicial bodies and organizations, and concepts such as alternative dispute resolution, capital punishment, retribution, and legal pluralism. The articles covering individual countries begin with general information about population, geography, and current economic and political conditions, then describe the country's legal structure, as well as how and how well the system functions.
Martindale-Hubbell International Law Digest
Martindale-Hubbell (2005) - summary of tax laws with citations to legislation on a country-by-country basis; Lexis: INTDIG
Modern Legal Systems Cyclopedia
An introduction to the major legal systems in the world,with coverage ranging from legal education and the way ofprofessional practice, to the form of government andsubstantive law. Also available online through HeinOnline (see 'electronic resource' below).
Oxford Companion to Law
Concise information about legal institutions, courts, judges, jurists, systems, branches, ideas and concepts, doctrines and principles.
The New Oxford Companion to Law
For any reader needing a concise yet expert explanation of a subject in law, the New Oxford Companion to Law is the ideal reference work. Providing greater depth than can be found in legal dictionaries but always accessible to the non-specialist, entries in the Companion cover all areas of law and legal systems and are extensively cross-referenced for ease of navigation. The Companion draws upon the expertise of over 700 scholars and practitioners, offering the widest possible range of perspectives on legal topics.