The Law Library emphasizes Europe in its collection development, and within Europe focuses on a core number of major countries: France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands (in English), Portugal, and Switzerland are collected to a much lesser extent. Materials are collected in both English and other relevant Western European languages. With  rare exceptions, the Law Library does not collect in Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, or the Baltic and Scandinavian languages, and purchases very little in Russian (though its historical collection has many Russian titles) and other Slavic languages. As part of its NEFLLCG cooperative collecting responsibilities, the Law Library supports Vigorous Collecting Responsibilities (VCRs) for Italy, Spain, Croatia, and Sweden (the last, only English titles). Monographs are collected from wide-ranging subjects for these VCR jurisdictions and the core jurisdictions, but are more limited in scope for the other countries.  In addition to its extensive monographic collection, the Law Library subscribes to a limited number of foreign language law journals, as well as codes, session laws, and court reports.  Many of the primary sources are becoming available online, often for free. In the past few years, we have greatly bolstered our collection by subscribing to a number of fee-based foreign law databases.  The Law Library does not subscribe to gazettes.  The Slavic- language jurisdictions in particular, but other jurisdictions as well, are supported by the collections in the Sterling Memorial Library.English-language treatises about the political and legal systems of Russia and Eastern Europe are acquired in lieu of treatises in the Slavic vernacular.  Very few journals, codes, session laws, or looseleafs are collected.