Historical Austrian newspapers and magazines online (in German).
Brussels and Lugano Conventions -- Jurisdiction & Enforcement of Judgements in the European Union
Recent case-law relating to the Brussels and Lugano Conventions on Jurisdiction and the Enforcement of Judgements in Civil and Commercial Matters
Commission on European Contract Law (Lando Commission)
Summaries of the European Contract Law in several European languages, including English; literature on the Principles of the European Contract Law and on the Harmonisation of European Contract Law
Early English Books Online
Contains digital facsimile page images of virtually every work printed in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and British North America and works in English; based on the Bell & Howell microfilm collections Early English Books 1475-1640 and Early English Books 1641-1700;searches can be restricted to legal materials
Portal created by the European Commission; mission is to inform the EU community about key issues of common interest; this page is a directory of essential eGovernment documents and resources
The official gateway to the European Union; website includes Eur-Lex, a searchable database of EU laws, Curia, a searchable database for finding EU caselaw, Pre-Lex, to monitor legislative decision making, the Judicial Network of Civil and Commercial Laws, EU documents, and much more
European Commission
Official website of the European Commission and part of Europa – the official EU website. Provides general information in the 23 official EU languages whenever possible. The European Commission represents the general interest of the EU and is the driving force in proposing legislation (to Parliament and the Council), administering and implementing EU policies, enforcing EU law (jointly with the Court of Justice) and negotiating in the international arena.
European Free Trade Association (EFTA)
EFTA promotes free trade and economic integration to benefit its four members states: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland.
European Judicial Network
Part of the official website of the European Commission, EJN contains information about the member states, community law, European law and various aspects of civil and commercial law; information available in all official EU languages
European Sources Online
Provides factual and policy information about the institutions and activities of the European Union, the countries, regions and other international organizations of Europe, and on the issues of importance to European citizens and stakeholders; includes news ( Economist, European Voice, Financial Times), analysis, and information guides
Halsbury's Laws of England
An authoritative encyclopaedia of law in England and Wales with 52 main volumes arranged by subject, several indexes, and updating services; it is particularly useful to find the most important cases, legislation, and commentary in a particular area of law.The major English legal Encyclopedia - it covers all areas of English law and is a useful starting point for virtually any research project. Halsbury's Laws includes a consolidated index. This index will refer you to a volume and paragraph number. Halsbury's Laws includes a consolidated index. This index will refer you to a volume and paragraph number. Halsbury's contains many citations to cases.
Institute for Transnational Law
UTexas-Austin's Original and English translations of French, German, Italian, Austrian and Israeli legal materials in the fields of constitutional, administrative, contract and tort law
The open-access Latin American Public Opinion Project surveys and analyzes citizen views on system support, political tolerance, citizen participation, local government, corruption, and views on authoritarianism have been conducted and are now being archived for many Latin American countries plus Albania, Israel, Madagascar, Canada and the United States; datasets are available for Yale affiliates (Yale access only)