European Union

The Lillian Goldman Library has an extensive collection of European Union materials in English and to a lesser extent in French, German, and Italian, but we still probably only collect a small fraction of what is published. The Library further relies on the online access to primary law and EU published reports and monographs provided by the EU itself.  There are significant materials on both Lexis and Westlaw and we subscribe to Justis's Celex database, Lawtel, and European Access Plus, online databases that focus on the EU.  The Library currently collects the Official Journal on microfiche and has both official and unofficial reports in paper.  The Law Library is supported by the depository of European Union documents at the University’s Government Documents Library and the very capable reference services provided by the GDC. We add several hundred monographs to the collection each year covering a broad spectrum of topics, but some topics such as banking, labor, and taxation are only minimally collected. Reflecting the focus of the Law School faculty and students, the Library concentrates the collecting of monographs on constitutionalism, especially structure, philosophy, jurisprudence, and federalism.  We also collect a small number of journals that specifically focus on the EU. The monthly European Access provides a useful index to the literature.