Faculty uncertain of where or to whom to send requests in the library should contact Faculty Services. In addition, any questions about services that are not covered on the website, or if there is a need to discuss any aspect of Library policies and services, please contact Faculty Services. Below are some FAQs:

How do I use MORRIS?

Consult this guide and follow up with the Reference Department if you have additional questions or if you would like to set up a MORRIS training session.

How many books (or other types of materials) can I check out at once?

Faculty may check out 100 books, and more if needed. The University Library allows Yale Faculty 300 books/loans at one time.

For how long can I borrow books?

The loan periods vary from one Yale library to another, and all Yale University Library (not Law Library) materials may be recalled by another reader. You will be sent a notice when this happens; please respond promptly and contact Faculty Services to arrange a replacement copy.

The loan period for Law Library books in one year, and faculty are allowed to renew books multiple times.

The following University Libraries allow faculty to check out books for one yearBassCenter for Science & Social Science InformationDivinityMusic, and Sterling Memorial Library. These libraries allow books to be checked out for two months:  Cushing/Whitney Medical LibraryEngineering & Applied SciencesGeology, and Math. Faculty may check out up to five books from the Haas Family Arts Library for up to one week. The collections of the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library are generally available to be viewed, but do not circulate. Please contact Faculty Services or the librarians at Beinecke prior to your visit.

I received a library notice; what does it mean?

Yale University Libraries will send a notice to the patron when a book is overdue, nearly overdue, or when it has been recalled by another patron. Any questions regarding a library notice can be directed to the Law Library Circulation Desk or Faculty Services.

Overdue books and fines

The due date stamped or receipts placed in the book at the time it is borrowed is the library’s official notice that the book will be due on that date, unless it is called back earlier for another reader. The Faculty member is responsible for the return or renewal of the book on or before the due date, even when the book is charged out through a faculty proxy card. Courtesy notices are sent via email four days before Law Library material is due.

Please consult the University Library’s website for specific fine rates for non-Law Library loans. In general, material that has not been returned 35 days after the due date will automatically be declared LOST. The patron will be assessed a $75 Unreturned Book Fee and a non-refundable $20 Processing Fee. Problems and questions regarding a fine/charge to YLS faculty accounts may be directed to Faculty Services.

Library priveleges for spouse, significant other, or family member

Circulation priveleges are automatically accorded to those holding valid Yale photo identification cards with a current validation sticker. The Reference staff will be happy to help any patron with their questions.