Finding English Cases

Prior to 1865, there was no official series of law reports. Even today, the UK government does not publish an official reporter. However, both its Courts and the Bluebook suggest citing to the English Reports for pre-1865 cases whenever possible. After 1865, cite to the official Law Reports. Other reporters, such as the Weekly Law Reports and the All England Law Reports, may be used if a case has not been reported in the Law Reports. See a full timeline with hyperlinks to the resources here.

All England Law Reports (1936- )
All England Law Reports (and reprints) 1936- , selective coverage
All England Law Reports Reprint (1558-1935)
All England Law Reports (and reprints) 1558-1935, selective coverage
Good coverage of cases from the late 1990s forward and important cases from core areas from earlier dates
English Reports, Full Reprint, 1220-1873
Current Law Yearbooks
Cover English case law from 1957. This tool summarizes all cases, legislation, and other developments on a particular subject that occurs during a particular year. It also contains a topical list of journal articles and books at the back of the volume. There are occasional cumulative indexes - for example, the 1976 volume indexes 1947 to 1976.
English Reports, Full Reprint
1200s-1865 - Reading Room. 
 See also, CommonLII and Hein versions on this list.
Halsbury's Laws of England
An authoritative encyclopaedia of law in England and Wales with 52 main volumes arranged by subject, several indexes, and updating services; it is particularly useful to find the most important cases, legislation, and commentary in a particular area of law.The major English legal Encyclopedia - it covers all areas of English law and is a useful starting point for virtually any research project. Halsbury's Laws includes a consolidated index. This index will refer you to a volume and paragraph number. Halsbury's Laws includes a consolidated index. This index will refer you to a volume and paragraph number. Halsbury's contains many citations to cases.
HeinOnline on English Cases
English Reports, Full Reprint, 1220--1873
ICLR Online Lilbrary
Publications of the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting (ICLR) for England and Wales. In addiition to the official Law Reports, ICLR publishes the Weekly Law Reports, the Industrial Cases Reports, the Business Law Reports, the Public and Third Sector Law Reports, and the Consolidated Index to leading law reports.
Law Journal Reports
1822-1949, LSF
Law Reports
Series of reporters published by the Independent Council of Law Reporting. Coverage begins in 1865. Series include: Appeals Cases, Kings/Queens' Bench, Chancery, and Family.
Law Reports, Appeal Cases
Abbreviation, "A.C.", 1866-, The preferred reporter for Appeals cases. Related earlier reporters in this series are: English and Irish Appeal Cases - KD275 .L39Scotch and Divorce Appeals - KD275.2 .L39 Privy Council Appellate - KD275.3 .L39
Law Times Reports
1859-1947, merged with All England Law Reports - LSF
International case citator - the LawCite database is generated on an entirely automatic basis with no editorial input and includes a fairly complete collection of all common law cases cited in the past decade plus most of the important uncited decisions before this. Please note that this is an Alpha Version. It is still being built and refined and is being released for public comment only.
Lexis on English Cases
English case databases include: The Law Reports (Appeal Cases, Queen's Bench, Chancery, Probate and Family) (AC, QB or KB, Ch, P, Fam); All England Law Reports Reprints (All ER Rep) from 1558 to 1935; All England Law Reports (All ER) from 1936; Law Times Reports (LT) from 1918 to 1965; Lloyd's Law Reports (Lloyd's Rep) from 1951, and some cases from the Weekly Law Reports and many topical reporters
Revised Reports
1200s-1860s, selective coverage - LSF
The Digest
This tool summarizes 400,000 cases and organizes them topically. You can search for a case-by-case name or you can search for cases revolving around a particular topic. Please note that the Digest index can be difficult to use.
Westlaw on English Cases
English case databases include: Law reports (1865-present); Lloyd's Law Reports (1919-present); and many other topical law reporters