Finding English Cases Timeline

Prior to 1865, there was no official series of law reports. Even today, the UK government does not publish an official reporter.  However, both its Courts and the Bluebook suggest citing to the English Reports for pre-1865 cases whenever possible.  After 1865, cite to the official Law Reports.  Other reporters, such as the Weekly Law Reports and the All England Law Reports, may be used if a case has not been reported in the Law Reports.



Where to Find Reporter

1066 – 1199

Placita Anglo-Normannica: English Law Suits from William I to Richard I

Print, HeinOnline


Bracton’s Note Book


1268 – 1292

Earliest English Law Reports


1272 – 1535

The Year Books

Print and Online Siepp’s Abridgement

Various Years

Selden Society Publications

HeinOnline, Print

1378 – 1865

English Reports, Full Reprint

Print, Online

1558 – 1935

All England Law Reports, Reprint (very selective)

Print, Classic Lexis

1785 – 1866

Revised Reports

Print, Online

1813 - 1865

English Common Law Reports


1822 – 1853

English Chancery Reports


1865 – present

The Law Reports

(Divided into Courts - Queen’s Bench (QB), Chancery (Ch) and Family (Fam) Divisions of the High Court and Court of Appeal, references to the European Court of Justice, and Appeal Cases (AC) heard in the UK Supreme Court and Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.)

Print (Location: LES KD274 to KD276),


1843 (1859) – 1947

Law Times Reports (merged with the All England Reports)

Print,  Classic Lexis

1947 – present

All England Law Reports

Print, Classic Lexis

1953 – present

Weekly Law Reports

Print, Classic Lexis, Westlaw



 English Reports (1220, 1457 - 1873)

 WorldLII, HeinOnline