Foreign and Comparative Law Sources

          Foreign Law Sources:    

                i.                 Country-by-Country Grid

                ii.                Globalex Research Guides

                iii.               Foreign Law Guide

                iv.               Library of Congress

                                  a.      Foreign Law Research Guide

                                  b.      Guide to Law Online  (by jurisdictions)

                                  c.      Global Legal Monitor

           Comparative Law sources:

               i.               International Encyclopaedia of Laws (Library does not subscribe but has                                             individual national monographs on selective topics)

               ii.              International Enyclopedia of Comparative Law

               iii.             Oxford Handbook of Comparative Law

               iv.             Introduction to Foreign Legal Systems

               v.              Advance Introduction to Comparative Constitutional Law

               vi.             Elgar Encyclopedia of Comparative Law

               vii.            Comparative Legal Traditions in a nutshell