Foreign & International Research

A global orientation is one of the goals of the Yale Law School. The foreign, comparative and international law collection and its staff support this endeavor. The vast and comprehensive comparative and international collections are located in what is termed the Upper East Side, while the foreign law collections are in the Lower East Side. Much of the older foreign material is in our shelving facility (LSF). Of course, there is also much material in electronic format. Both print and on-line materials can be located using the catalog, and our list of legal databases functions as a directory to our fee-based databases.

Lucie Olejnikovan and Evelyn Ma serve as reference librarians, as well as selectors for the collection. Their offices may be found on L1. You may visit them or contact them by email. Law Librarian Teresa Miguel-Stearns and and John Nann, serve as bibliographers to Iberia and Latin America and the European Union, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, respectively. Dan Wade, the Collection’s curator, is responsible for selecting materials for international and comparative law and other parts of the foreign collection.

An excellent way to begin research in our collections is to meet with a reference librarian or access the foreign and international portal on Morris, the law library catalog. Here you will find our research guides, for example, our Country by Country Guide provides information on researching the law of virtually every country, showing you the call number range if you care to browse the stacks, and providing links to relevant databases. Other research guides include Finding the Law of Latin America, Foreign and Comparative Research Guide, Foreign, International and Transnational Law Resources, International Arbitration Research, Islamic Law Research, and collected legislative histories (travaux preparatoires),

We regularly update a blog on foreign and international legal research, frequently drawing from questions raised by students. We also co-sponsor Movie Night with the Yale Law School Graduate Program.

The foreign and international staff works alongside the Reference and Instruction Department. Instructors teach a one unit research course in foreign and international law in the spring semester. This course is often taught in conjunction with Professor Oona Hathaway’s international law course, which means the research course will cover treaty research when the substantive course covers treaties. The instructors tailor the subject matter of the course to student interests and needs. The foreign and international law reference librarians are also involved with the clinics, e.g., the asylum clinic and the Lowenstein clinic.

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Friday, June 15, 2018