Islamic Law Guide

Arab law quarterly
Published on behalf of: the Society of Arab Comparative and International Law
Berkeley Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Law
The Berkeley Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Law is a US-based law journal dedicated to Middle Eastern, Islamic, and comparative law scholarship.
Electronic Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law
The Electronic Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law (EJIMEL) is an open-access, peer-reviewed publication by the Center for Islamic and Middle Eastern Legal Studies (CIMELS) at the Faculty of Law, University of Zurich, Switzerland, founded in summer 2012.
International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies
The International Journal of Middle East Studies publishes on politics, society and culture in the Middle East from the seventh century to the present day. The journal also covers Spain, south-east Europe, and parts of Africa, South Asia, and the former Soviet Union for subjects of relevance to Middle Eastern civilization.
Islamic and Comparative Law Quarterly
Islamic law and society
Islamic Law and Society publishes in the field of classical and modern Islamic law, in Muslim and non-Muslim countries.
Journal of Islamic and Comparative Law
Centre of Islamic Legal Studies, Faculty of Law, Ahmadu Bello University
Journal of Islamic law and culture
The Journal of Islamic Law & Culture is publishes on the law, public policy, Islamic religion and culture in America's political and legal communities. DePaul University.
Journal of Islamic state practices in international law
JISPIL concentrates on on issues concerning and involving Islamic States from the perspective of International Law.
Journal of law and society
The Journal of Law and Society is a British periodical for socio-legal studies with an interdisciplinary approach. It addresses issues from a range of legal cultures and theoretical concerns of cross-cultural interest.
Journal of Near Eastern studies
The Journal of Near Eastern Studies publishes on the archaeology, art, history, languages, literatures, and religions of the Near East.
Palestine Yearbook of International Law
The Palestine Yearbook of International Law is a reference source of legal material relating to Palestinian issues, key legislation, court decisions and other relevant material translated from the original Arabic or Hebrew into English.
Studia islamica
Studia Islamica is one of the oldest academic journals published in the field of Islamic studies (since 1953). The journal focuses on the Islamic lands around the Mediterranean Sea and in south-west Asia, and publishes articles (in English and French) in the fields of history, religion, law, literature and language, for both the pre-modern and modern periods.
Studies in Islamic Law and Society Series
Leiden ; New York : E.J. Brill, 1996-
UCLA Journal of Islamic and Near Eastern law
Yearbook of Islamic and Middle Eastern law
The Yearbook of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law for is a source of information on the developments over a year in the region. The Yearbook covers Islamic and non-Islamic legal subjects, including the laws themselves, of some twenty Arab and other Islamic countries as well as international legal developments in the region.