Publication of Statutory Material in England

Publication of Statutory Material in England

Statutes are published chronologically and there is no official codification or official topical arrangement of English statutes; however, there are tools that will direct people to the Acts that regulate in topical areas, and there are other tools that will tell a user if an Act or part of and Act is still in force.


Sources of Statutes

  • Statutes of the Realm (1235-1713). Authoritative collection of the text of the statutes passed by the Parliament of England between 1235 and 1707 as well as the statutes passed by the Parliament of Great Britain between 1707 and the death of Queen Anne in 1713. Available on Hein Online and Morris Call Number: KD 130 .G74 1993.
  • Statutes at Large (1215-1800/1867). Two major editions published in the late 18th and early 19th centuries started by and colloquially named for Owen Ruffhead (14 volumes) and Danby Pickering (46 volumes). Contains the text of the statutes in parallel Latin and modern English with minor annotations. Predecessor editions with the same names were published earlier in the 18th century. Digitized versions can be found at the Internet Archive and Hathi Trust and Morris Call Number: KD 130 1225
  • The Public General Acts and Measures (1798 to date). Contains the text of the statutes. Morris Call Number: KD124 .G74.
  • Halsbury’s Statutes of England and Wales. Topical arrangement of statutes currently in force. The statutes are annotated. There is a detailed subject Index, cumulative supplements, a current service, and the noter up service (a tool similar to a citator). Morris Call Number: KD135.H3 G74 1985.


Online Sources


Finding Tools and Tools to Determine Whether an Act has been Amended or is Still in Force




Statutory Instruments

Statutory instruments contain the results of delegated authority. Parliament may delegate authority, usually to a Minister of the Crown, to legislate in a limited area. The results of this grant are published in statutory instruments.

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