Immigration Reform & Executive Action 2014

I.   Key Statutes & Executive Action

     a.  Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

          i.  Federal Policy And Examples Of State Actions

          ii. USCIS portal 

      b. Federal Legislative measures

         i.  S. 744

             Bill status at 

             NSCL Initial Overview “The Border Security Economic Opportunity And Immigration Modernization Act”  (S.744) 

         ii.  NSCL - House immigration bills (2013)

        iii.  AILA - Proposed Federal legislation (2013-2014); Complete List of Current Legislation

      c.  Executive Action

          i.   White house

          ii.   USCIS 

          iii.  DHS 

           iv. American Immigration Council Immigration Policy Center Resource Page on Immigration Reform

                A Guide to the Immigration Accountability Executive Action                

II. Other Immigration Resources

    a.  National Conference of State Legislatures Immigration Portal

         i.   Reports on State Laws Relating to Immigration and Immigrants

         ii.  Immigration State Enactment Database

    b.  AILA Immigration Reform Resources

III.   CRS and other government reports on immigration reform

a.       Government Studies on immigration in TRAC (Latest November 2014)

A comprehensive portal of government- issued reports (CRS , GAO, OMB and reports) on immigration from early 2000’s to current

b.      CRS Report: The Obama Administration’s November 2014 Immigration Initiatives: Questions and Answers (November 24  2014) 

c.       CRS Report: The Obama Administration’s Announced Immigration Initiative: A Primer - Legal Sidebar (November 24 2014)