Key Resources

Key Legislation from Connecticut General Statutes:

  • Title 10 - Education
  • Chapter 120 Title 46b - Juvenile Matters: Definitions
  • Chapter 129 Title 46b - Committment of Child or Youth
  • Chapter 129a Title 46b - Examination by Physician; Appointment of Counsel and Guardian ad Litem
  • Chapter 28 Title 17a - DCF:  Definitions; Confidentiality of Records; Procedures for Aggrieved Persons; Regulations

To locate the most current version of the statute, go to the Connecticut General Statutes and enter the Chapter number and Title number into the appropriate box and then select search.

Key Courtroom Resources

Key Decisions

  • In re Tayquon H., 76 Conn. App. 693, 821 A.2d 796 (2003) (pdf) - holding (1) between a Guardian ad Litem and a natural guardian, the Guardian ad Litem is the best person to represent the child’s best interest, and (2) the child’s attorney must abide by a client’s decisions as to how to proceed in the case, but if the attorney believes the decisions are not in the child’s best interest, the attorney must so inform the court who will then appoint a Guadridan ad Litem to represent the child’s best interests.


  • In re Christina M., 90 Conn. App. 565, 579, 877 A.2d 941 (2005) (pdf) - holding that the court, in accordance with the constitution, properly appointed counsel to represent the minor’s legal interests and when requested to do so appointed a Guardian ad Litem to represent the child’s best interest.


  • Sheff v. O’Neill, 238 Conn. 1, 678 A.2d 126 (1996) - Connecticut Supreme Court holds that de facto racial segregation in the Hartford metropolitan area public schools violates the right of children in such towns to an equal educational opportunity. More documents are available here. Three years later, in 45 Conn.Supp. 630, plaintiffs alleged that the state’s actions re: Sheff (1996) were inadequate. The Superior Court held that the state had complied with the decision of the Supreme Court. See also, A Superior Education for Connecticut’s 21st Century Learners: Five-year Comprehensive Plan for Education 2006-2011 [PDF].