Laptop Printing

If you have any questions or problems with the print system, please email

Printing from your Laptop:

Once you have the BluePrint print queues installed (see instructions below) you will be able to print from your laptop. You must be on the Yale Secure network to print to a Yale printer. 

  1. Go to File- Print. 
  2. From the printer selection menu, select BluePrint_BW for Black and White printing, or BluePrint_Color for Color printing  
  3. Configure options (such as Double Sided) and click Print. 
  4. If prompted, enter your YALE\YourNetID and password. NOTE: The YALE\ is required. Please be sure you use the correct slash. You can save the crendentials in your keychain so you don’t have to re-enter this information every time. 
  5. Release your print job by entering your NetID and password or by waving your Yale ID card over the reader and following the instructions on the screen at a library printer

Installing Yale Printers on your Laptop:

NOTE: Before installing a YLS printer and PaperCut you will need to be logged on to the YaleSecure network.

Click here for instructions on configuring printing