Law Reviews and Legal Periodicals

The great majority of significant law journals will be acquired, according to the criteria below (but periodicals that are very expensive or commercially published will often not be acquired even if they fit within the criteria).  Over time the print categories will be gradually reduced.

Acquire in print:

  • Yale Law School publications.
  • Publications only available in print.
  • Approximately 100 most-cited of the main law reviews of U.S. law schools and approximately 100 most-cited of the specialized U.S. legal periodicals.
  • Periodicals that Yale Law School faculty wish us to acquire in print.
  • Select specialized periodicals that are premier publications in fields of substantial interest at Yale Law School.

Access only in digital format:

  • Titles, not falling within the categories above, that are up to date and in a stable, citable format (such as pdf with original pagination) and are hosted by an established vendor or a governmental entity whose ability to archive and preserve is reliable.