Foreign & International Tax Law Research Guide

African Tax Systems
IBFD - F/I Reference, L1; binders 1-3 contain country-by-country tax system information; binders 4-6 contain th etext of bilateral tax treaties where at least one African country is involved. Print cancelled in 2008.
Country-by-Country Guide to Foreign Law Research
Portal to research guides and major databases for every country; these research guides vary from explanatory legal system guides to lists of legal resource links; includes links to the Foreign Law Guide, the World Legal Information Institute, and other portals and foreign legal research guides.
Doing Business in Brazil
LES - the "Doing Business in..." series covers many countries; do a TITLE search in Morris for the desired country and find several on Lexis.
Indian Tax Laws
International Tax Laws by Country
Portal contains links to the tax websites of about 25 foreign jurisdictions, from Australia to the United Kingdom. There are also links to international tax resources, foreign and international tax associations, and other foreign and international tax websites.
Martindale-Hubbell International Law Digest
Martindale-Hubbell (2005) - summary of tax laws with citations to legislation on a country-by-country basis; Lexis: INTDIG
Mexican Tax Laws
Lexis: MXFISC (1900s-current)
Primer on Direct Taxation in the European Union
Mason, Ruth (2005) - LES
Tax and Accounting Sites Directory
Links to tax websites of over 80 countries and all 50 of the United States; links to international resources, IRS information, tax treaties, EU websites, VAT (Value-added Tax) information, and more.