Library Use for Persons with Disabilities

The Lillian Goldman Library is committed to ensuring equitable access to all of its collections. Library users with disabilites are encouraged to contact Julian Aiken or Cesar Zapata to make arrangements for the following services:

Paging of books
Assistance with the online catalog
Modification of lending rules on an individual basis as needed
Ensuring of access to microform readers, computers and other library equipment as needed.
Referral to a reference librarian

Proxy Cards
Users with disabilities are eligible to obtain a proxy borrower's card from the Privileges Office at Sterling Memorial Library for a specified friend or attendant to borrow library materials on their behalf. Proxy cards for non-students/staff will be determined on a case-by-case basis depending upon the applicant's circumstances.
Public services representatives from each of the Yale libraries should be contacted with any questions regarding these services. For more information on university-level assistance for Yale students and staff with disabilities, contact the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs.
To contact a Public Service Representative from each of the Yale libraries, click here.