Manuscript reproductions

Microfilm, microfiche, and prints

The Kuttner Institute’s extensive collection of manuscript reproductions supports its critical edition work and provides access to unpublished primary source material. With almost 700 manuscripts from libraries across Europe and the United States represented in film or print copies, the collection contains a critical mass of important canon law sources, many of which have not been published. The collection consists primarily of microfilms with only a few microfiche and a number of print copies.

The collection is organized both physically and virtually by shelf-mark and filed alphabetically by the name of the city of the library which owns the manuscript (for example: Oxford, Bodleian Library). The Institute website lists the contents of some of these reproductions on its Microfilm Catalogue/Mikrofilmkatalog page, which can be accessed from their Library/Bibliothek page. The website also includes information for reproductions not held by the Institute library proper, but available for use in Munich. For information on only those items currently held at the Yale Law Library, please consult this spreadsheet, which is split into three sheets for microform, prints, and non-manuscript materials.

The collection is housed in the Upper East Side of the Yale Law Library and is available for use without appointment whenever the library is open. A microfilm/fiche reader with a scanner and instructions for use is located across from the shelves holding the collection. It can be set to email scans, or to save them to a USB or other external drive. Since the scanner is not connected to a printer, any printouts must be made off of saved copies elsewhere.

Please note that a number of the manuscripts have both positive and negative films available. Also, the physical collection is divided between microfilm, microfiche, and prints, with the fiche at the end of the film, and the prints on the shelves above the film and fiche cabinets.

Please feel free to contact the Rare Book Librarian with any questions.