We have over 200,000 foreign and international monographs.

  • When you find a relevant book in MORRIS, if you want to find more like it, click on the Call No. (KKT246 .B46) to see what books are grouped with it (Virtual Shelf Browsing is available only in the classic MORRIS interface; not in Encore)
  • Alternatively, click on the Subject Heading (Civil Law – Spain) to find other books that have been assigned this same label

Our foreign law collections for each country are not so large that you can’t just go into the stacks on the LESwith the Call Number of the country you are researching (e.g. KKT for Spain) and browse the shelves. No country occupies more than a few rows, and most take up less than one. 

Older monographs are held in the off-campus Library Shelving Facility (LSF) and can be requested from the catalogs.