Monographs and Treatises

As indicated above, we favor monographs with a scholarly or critical approach, and books published by university presses and other publishers who produce scholarly or authoritative books.  Works that are primarily oriented toward practicing attorneys or are produced by publishers with such an orientation are generally disfavored for print acquisition.  We do, however, attempt to collect the one or two leading practitioner-oriented treatises in each major area of United States law unless cost or low level of interest at Yale Law School make relying on Westlaw and Lexis or another database preferable.  Treatises that are in looseleaf format or have expensive supplementation are also disfavored.  Books in disfavored categories may be acquired if they are authored by distinguished scholars. Works by current Yale Law School full-time faculty members are always collected.  Nine copies of such books are obtained, one for the Faculty Collection, one for Permanent Reserve, and seven for the stacks.  If the faculty work is a new edition of a title already held or an expensive item or a serial, fewer than nine copies may be collected.  If a faculty member contributes a chapter or essay or other small part to a compilation, far fewer than nine copies of the book may be collected and the book will generally not be included in the Faculty Collection.