Connecticut Litigation Practice Materials

July 26, 2013

The library has a number of resources, both in print and online, to help you navigate litigation practice in Connecticut. Please see the list of resources (below) for practitioners’ guides, form books, websites and more.These types of resources are a great way to learn the basics of litigation practice or find more in depth discussions of certain elements of trial practice.

If you have any questions about using or accessing any of the materials listed here please contact a reference librarian.

For a more complete list of Connecticut practice materials please see our Connecticut Research Guides, Treatises and Practice Manuals page.

Connecticut Practice Treatises and Manuals Online:

Connecticut Practice Series (WestlawNext and Westlaw Classic)




Forms and Rules:

Connecticut Trial Evidence Notebook (Lexis Advance)

Dupont on Connecticut Civil Practice (Lexis Advance)

Practical Guide to Discovery & Depositions in Connecticut (WestlawNext)

Tort Remedies in Connecticut (Lexis Advance)

Connecticut Practice Treatises and Manuals in Print: Print resources should be reviewed to make sure the material is up to date. Check Morris for updating information.

Connecticut Practice Series: 20+ volume set is a practical and in depth examination of all areas of Connecticut law including court rules, forms, applicable statutes, and discussions of the law.         Reading Room KFC3680 .C65.


Pleadings and Pretrial Practice: A Deskbook for Connecticut Litigators: Commentary and case citations on pretrial practice in Connecticut, including pleading and practice rules, timing and discovery issues, and common motions. Reading Room KFC4135 .D862


Connecticut Criminal Caselaw Handbook: A Practitioner’s Guide: Important criminal law decisions from the Connecticut Supreme and Appellate Courts and selected United States Supreme Court. Decisions date back to 1983. Reading Room KFC4175 .B78


Connecticut Evidence: Treaties about the Connecticut rules of evidence including Connecticut cases and rules. Reading Room KFC4140 .H72

Jury Instructions:

A Collection of Connecticut Selected Jury Instructions, Criminal: Revised and updated under the direction of the Superior Court Judicial Branch of Connecticut. Reading Room KFC4183 .A65 C652

Connecticut Jury Instructions (Civil): Perm Res. KFC4183 .W75

Other Online and Print Resources for Litigation Practice:

Court Rules:

Connecticut Practice Book: Compilation of court rules from the Superior, Appellate, and Supreme Court as well as the rules of Professional and Judicial Conduct.


Directory of the Connecticut Judicial Branch: Ref. Desk KFC4108 .A19 S7

Register and Manual –State of Connecticut:  Ref. Desk JK3331


Official Connecticut Webforms: Fillable forms grouped by type of law (Administrative, Civil, Criminal, Family, General, Grievance, Housing, Juvenile, Probate, Small Claims, Supreme/Appellate, Victim Services)

Jury Verdicts and Settlements:

Connecticut Law Tribune- Verdicts

Connecticut Jury Verdicts & Settlements (WestlawNext)

Connecticut Jury Verdict Review & Analysis (Lexis Advance)


Connecticut Attorney General Opinions

Connecticut Bar Association

Connecticut Judicial Branch Homepage

Connecticut Judicial Branch Law LibrariesFind a Branch

Connecticut State Library- Law and Legislative Reference Department

Connecticut Law Blogs:

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