In Conversation: The Future of Eugenics and the Law: A Conversation with Adam Cohen

March 9, 2016

Please join us Wednesday, March 9, at 6:30pm, in SLB Room 129 for “The Future of Eugenics and the Law: A Conversation with Adam Cohen.” 

Amy Chua, John M. Duff, Jr. Professor of Law, will moderate a discussion among Mike Clemente ‘16, Kyle Edwards ‘18, and Adam Cohen. Mr. Cohen is a former member of the New York Times Editorial Board and a bestselling author. His new book, Imbeciles: The Supreme Court, American Eugenics, and the Sterilization of Carrie Buck, discusses the famous (and infamous) Supreme Court decision Buck v. Bell, considered one of the darkest moments in the American legal tradition: the Supreme Court’s decision to champion eugenic sterilization for the greater good of the country. In 1927, when the nation was caught up in eugenic fervor, the Supreme Court allowed Virginia to sterilize Carrie Buck, a perfectly normal young woman, for being an “imbecile.”

Doors will open for dinner at 6:15 pm. 

This event is sponsored by the Law Students for Reproductive Justice, the Solomon Center, Yale Health Law & Policy Society, Yale Law Women, and the Lillian Goldman Law Library.

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